We’re still stuck in a polar vortex

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News
We're still stuck in a polar vortex

Hamilton continues to shiver under a cold weather alert, however the wind chill warning has ended.

The Arctic air mass will stick around for Wednesday and Thursday, with highs projected to reach minus 15 and minus 16, respectively.

Friday’s high is expected to be minus 10.

CLICK HERE for the updated forecast from Environment Canada.

A cold alert is issued when current or anticipated weather conditions are at or below minus 15 degrees Celsius or minus 20 with wind chill.

And it also means community agencies are implementing their cold weather policies and procedures to get vulnerable people off the street.

Members of the public can report the location of a person in need of shelter to the Salvation Army at 905-527-1444, extension 0.


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  1. We, now days are understanding more then long ago. Long ago we just lived with the cold winters. But, then the winters started to change and then we started to search for some answers. We called it, Global warming. But, it is actually Global cooling. So, now we have tools that will give answers to our changing winter climates. Polar Vortex. It is something like the pollutions that covers a certain area coming out of our steel plants. It puts a lead on the pot, so to speak. It is nice to have the understanding of why and why not.
    I like to learn the truth about all things. I welcome the advances of our technological capabilities . The weather reports have been nicely advanced in the last four years to benefit us in our daily lifes.