Mayor Bratina won’t run for re-election (audio)

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News
Mayor Bratina won't run for re-election (audio)

Hamilton mayor Bob Bratina says he will not run for re-election in this October’s municipal election.

In an exclusive interview on AM900 CHML’s Bill Kelly Show, Bratina says he’s proud of what he has accomplished during his term in the mayor’s chair.

Regarding rumours of Bratina jumping to the federal Liberals to run in the next federal election, the mayor says there have been discussions.

But he added, “there are many more discussions that will have to be held before I’m in a position to make any statement about my future.”

The riding is currently held by longtime New Democrat MP David Christopherson.

The next federal election is scheduled for October 2015.

Bratina’s decision leaves four confirmed candidates to become Hamilton’s next mayor.

They are Brian McHattie, Don Ross, Crystal Lavigne and Michael Baldasaro.


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  1. Mr. Bratina, before you leave. Move the Missions out of James St. N.
    You turned it into a haven for the youth who likes to live on the taxpayers money.
    It was you who signed on with them for this kinds of deal. They have a new home in ward 3, with 161 room, give them the walking papers from here . It is time, and it better be soon, the Go train is on the front steps of ours houses bringing people into the city. We want them to come back and make their homes in Hamilton. They be scared away with what they will experience as they got of the train. There always be people in need. These people who today are in the missions are not unfortunate, they are drug addicts and lazy they have an attitude and they need to have a correctional place with strict guidance.
    They stand on the street, youth that is 16-17 or so, all day smoking and drinking coffee and watching the whole neighborhood and by passers. Give them something to do .
    They need to be on the place where is not so much in the eyes of the world. Who wants to see a place with drug addicts lining up and walking all day on the main street of a city.
    Who on their right mind wants to invest in the place like that. We pay high taxes in here, but our ability to make it a return on the homes are taken away by having the hotel for drugs addicts, and for lazy and non conforming to the law . Mostly the young. Give us a gift of your departure, move the missions out of here .