Loujack Cafe’s murder trial is moved to 2015

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Loujack Cafe's murder trial is moved to 2015

A Hamilton man, charged in two murders, four attempted murders and an assault, will not face trial as planned.

The proceedings against Loujack Cafe have been put off until January 2015 at the earliest after the accused fired his lawyer.

The first case will be the murder of 82-year-old George Burnett, who was found in his Stirton Street home with a knife in his neck two years ago.

Cafe is also charged with the first-degree murder of a 37-year-old panhandler Laura Young who was stabbed and dumped behind a Cathcart Street home.

He’s also accused of the random stabbings of four other people on downtown city streets.

The Burnett trial was moved to St. Catharines due to the extensive media coverage.

The trials for the other counts will be determined after there’s a verdict in the Burnett murder.

(Hamilton Spectator)


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