NDP Not Ready For Prime Time

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

So, it was Andrea Horwath’s refusal to support the Liberal budget that sent Ontario into this election campaign, but many observers are  wondering if the NDP were prepared to hit the hustings themselves.

Their non-support for the  budget was condemned by two of Ontario’s largest labour organizations, Unifor and the OFL, who now say they  can’t support the NDP .

Without the traditional support of those large labour groups, the NDP may have blown off a big chunk of their core support.

Reports yesterday indicate that the NDP don’t have the traditional campaign buses for staff and media; the media bus is kind of a big deal because political parties rely on those media types to report the campaign promises and photo ops during the campaign.

It’s got a few observers wondering if the NDP are  cash strapped so early in the contest.

Then , there’s the matter of the Party’s Election Platform, namely that they don’t have one.

The strategy so far seems to involve slinging mud at the other  leaders and promises to look after the middle class.

So, the campaign is only a few days old and already the NDP have blown off a big chunk of their labour support,limited their media exposure, and  don’t have a policy platform for voters to  evaluate, and they were the Party that triggered the  election that they don’t seem to be ready for.

Sounds like the NDP are Ontario’s Not Ready For Prime Time Party !


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