Latest transit debate muddies the waters

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Latest transit debate muddies the waters

More grist for the mill as a former regional transportation director has entered the ongoing debate over the future of public transit in Hamilton.

Ted Gill went before Hamilton politicians on Wednesday morning arguing the merits of bus rapid transit over light rail transit.

He challenges the assumption that LRT would generate a greater economic benefit than BRT. Gill also stresses that lower start-up costs associated with BRT could allow the city to proceed with both the “A” and “B” lines rather than choosing one over the other.

The presentation prompted a warning from Councillor Lloyd Ferguson who says that the city is too close to getting full capital funding from the province to be changing its message.

Two motions related to the transit debate were also to be considered by city councillors on Wednesday, but have instead been set aside for now.

Brian McHattie, in keeping with Gill’s presentation, was planning to ask for a review of the economic benefits of LRT versus BRT.

Terry Whitehead has for now pulled his motion, asking for a review of the business case for the north-south “A” line rather than the east-west “B” line.


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