Do We Really Need An LRT Citizens Panel ?

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

Not surprisingly  Mayoral Wanna-Be  Eisenberger  wants to revive the LRT debate.

He was one of the most ardent supporters of LRT and he feels the  discussion has gone off the rails, so to speak.

So he wants to see a Citizens Panel formed to gain feedback from voters and supposedly to focus on the benefits of LRT.

Politicians always score brownie points when they play the ‘public consultation card’, but as always, the devil is in the details  here.

Who gets to sit on the Panel ?

Will all areas of the City be represented ?

Is the purpose of the Panel to put all options on the table again, including possible routes or is it to sell the idea of the current B Line LRT plan ?

More importantly, is the Panel necessary ?

The arguments for LRT are in the City’s adopted plan for transit , called Rapid Ready.

Besides,  we’ve been inviting feedback on the LRT issue for five years now on CHML ; the Spec has had numerous Op/Ed submissions on the topic.

People have a pretty good handle on the LRT file and they are speaking out,  and outside of Wards 1,2 and 3, there is only tepid support for the B Line LRT plan.

We don’t need a Citizens Panel to regurgitate what we already know, we need City Councilors with the courage  to  make  long term commitments to Hamilton’s future.



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