Time For An LRT Time Out ?

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

It got a  little confusing  at City Hall yesterday.

Was the debate about LRT, or BRT ? I think at one point they were proposing BLT, although  that might have been someone’s lunch order.

Someone said Bus Rapid Transit would  supply the same economic benefits as LRT, someone disagreed with that assertion.

Then someone proposed  changing from the cross town B line to the A line that would go up to the Airport.

And they wonder why the Province says they’re getting mixed messages from Hamilton ?

Speaking of the Province, Premier Wynne  said that Hamilton would get full funding for our rapid transit project.

Which rapid transit project.. LRT or BRT?

Then PC Leader Tim Hudak reiterated that if he were Premier, he’d cancel  the LRT plan altogether.

Confusing  isn’t it ?

There was one bit of useful information  from City Staff that  got lost in the rhetoric.

They said that when and if  LRT is approved, it would probably be 5-8 years of planning before they started laying tracks.

I suggest  that everyone take a time out from the transit debate , at least until after the Provincial election or maybe longer.

Wanna-be Premiers are making  grandiose promises and wanna-be re-elected Councilors are more focused on not alienating potential voters than they are about city building.

That’s not  a healthy environment to make a decision on such an important facet of Hamilton’s future.


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  1. Why the LRT? I thought this was a regional initiative to connect the GTHA. The LRT seems to be Hamilton centric and goes from one end of the city to the other. In my opinion, the best would be to have both the A and B line, with the A line going from the Hamilton Airport to the new Go station they are building on James street and have the B line go from McMaster to the proposed Go station on Centennial Parkway. Oh, wait, that makes too much sense and would not fly with this council. Sheesh