Bizarre First Week Of Election Campaign

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

One week into the Ontario election campaign and it hasn’t been a good week for Tim Hudak so far.

The first two days for the PC leader were photo ops at two businesses that, as it turned out, were recipients of Provincial and Federal job creating grants, a program that Hudak has promised to kill.

When asked repeatedly about that irony, the PC leader fell back on  irrelevant cliched answers.

Then, there’s the ongoing battle between Kathleen Wynne and the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.

It started when the PM and his Finance Minister   weighed in on the Ontario election by slamming the proposed Ontario Pension Plan.

Wynne fired back that the Plan is there because the Prime Minister refused to address problems with the Canada Pension Plan,all the while  using taxpayers money to fatten up his own MP pension  , which is $191,000 a year.


While all this verbal jousting is going on between Wynne and the Feds, Mr. Hudak seems to be on the sidelines.

Apparently, he made an  announcement about his ‘Million Jobs’ program yesterday, but it was overshadowed by comments  from another  Harper Cabinet Minister, this time , Tony Clement.

And, Hudak’s former Finance Critic, Peter Shurman, predicted a Liberal victory in Ontario because voters like Wynne more than Hudak..Ouch !!

It seems Tim Hudak’s biggest problem is his ‘friends’ ,not his opponents.



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