Who Do You Trust ?

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

In the fury of an election campaign, like the Provincial election here in Ontario right now, voters are bombarded with election promises from all sides.

And those confused voters may well be asking, with all of these wonderful things being promised, who do you trust ?

The short answer to that question is, none of them !

You may have  your favourite Party, heck you may even have your lawn sign already, but let’s not get sucked in  by  the grandiose spending promises that are being announced daily.

You want daycare ?

Sure, we’ll give you daycare.

You want public transit ?

Have we got a transit plan for you and guess what..we won’t raise your taxes  to pay for it !

Who are they kidding ?

Ten days ago, all of them were telling us that the government is out of money, now  they’re promising money like they’ve won Lotto Max !

It was an American Senator, named Hiram Johnson, who said that in war, the first casualty is the truth; well, the same can be said about politics.

As voters, we have to do our homework before we vote on June 12th, but let’s not get duped by politicians  who make ‘pie in the sky’ promises.

Because when they promise ‘pie in the sky’,  they want to use our dough to make the crust !


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