More seats on the Lancaster up for grabs?

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More seats on the Lancaster up for grabs?

The auction for a one way trip on Hamilton’s Lancaster Bomber proved to be such a success the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum may do it again, the other way.

The winning bid for the trip over England in August on the Lancaster was 79 thousand dollars.

It went to a British businessman in his 30′s who will fly to Canada in July for the trip.

Spurred on by that success, the museum’s managers are considering selling a seat or even two for the trip home.

The Lancaster bomber is headed overseas for a few air shows and the total cost of the trip is 650-thousand dollars.

(Hamilton Spectator)


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  1. I flew in the Lancaster on the fiftieth anniversary of D day. Up to Toronto and back.
    It was the biggest thrill I ever had and this is the only Lancaster left on the planet that you can actually get a seat on. None of the others that are being restored or the RAF’s Lancaster allow civilians on flights.
    Most of the ticket cost is returned as a tax writ off as the museum is a registered charity.
    If you love aviation, you’d love a flight on the Lancaster. There’s nothing like the roar of four Merlin’s at full song.