Who will pay for extra police presence at Hess this summer?

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Who will pay for extra police presence at Hess this summer?

The summer patio season launches this weekend, and that means extra police patrols in Hess Village.

The battle continues, however, over just who will be paying them.

That’s because a legal battle launched last year between club owners and the city is still unresolved, with tens of thousands of dollars in paid duty policing costs for the downtown entertainment district hanging in the balance.

Right now, a municipal bylaw places the responsibility on Hess Village nightclub owners but they are fighting it in court.

A fatal stabbing last September and a brawl in March, have highlighted the area’s need for extra policing.

(CBC Hamilton)


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  1. There may be a very easy solution to the Hess mess. Dump Hess Village and all of the excesses that it nurtures. Expropriate property at fair market value, leaving only a couple of eateries, work with credible business owners to relocate them all over the core and assist them in every way possible to make a success of their businesses. The important thing is to get rid of that magnetic ghetto and redevelop the street a la a what Locke once was (but is now in great danger of losing) and what Ottawa Street is slowly becoming. Having all of these bars clustered together where the booze flows like tap water is not a very smart thing to do or continue. Booze, heat, humidity, loud music, over-crowding – it’s a toxic mix that is bound to create the problems Hess Village and its neighbours, who were there long before Hess was established, routinely experience.