Hudak says LRT an unwise investment (audio)

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News
Hudak says LRT an unwise investment (audio)

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says an LRT line in Hamilton is not in his plans.

Instead, he would greatly improve GO Train service and spend money to expand highways if he becomes premier after the June 12th election.

Hudak says ” I don’t think we need to increase taxes, nor do I think that a wise investment is to rip up car lanes, we’re talking one and a half car lanes, for an LRT that hardly anybody is going to ride. What do we really need out there to help with our daily commutes? It’s improved GO service out of Hamilton and also making sure we increase our highway capacity.

Hudak adds that he would scrap the Liberals’ plan to spend billions to electrify GO trains in order to expand that highway capacity and fund more frequent GO service. By expanding highways he suggests that we open up new areas for job creation.

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