Breathalyser at prom???

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There is a Toronto high school that wants to make every student attending the senior prom to take a breathalyser test before entering.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association says that violates civil rights.

When do civil rights trump safety? Usually when common sense is left out of the equation.

I can remember being a bouncer at high school dances.

It was pretty easy to spot when someone was that intoxicated.

At that point a teacher would step in, and if needed the pay duty police officer at every event, cooled the situation pretty quick.

Having every student take a breathalyser to enter assumes guilt and paints everyone with the same brush.

All this will do is push the party off school grounds to a location where there is no supervision.

If we want to teach them to act like adults, we also have to treat them like adults.

A better idea might be promoting the fact a police RIDE check stop will be in operation in the area the night of the party and encourage everyone to be responsible.


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  1. Nothing like being treated as a criminal before committing a crime. This sends a message that no student is to be trusted. To be sure – anyone caught intoxicated should be ejected and sent home, but I think it’s fundamentally wrong to paint all students with the same brush when only a few are the troublemakers.