Why Is The Right Afraid Of Mandatory Voting ?

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

Columnist Andrew Coyne has stirred the political pot again with an op-ed piece that suggests it’s time for Canada to consider mandatory voting in elections.

Other countries do it with great success, namely voter  turn out in the 90% range, compared to the 65% or so who bother to vote in Canada .

Coyne’s suggestion attracted immediate rejection from conservative circles  who opined that those who support mandatory voting probably do so because they think it would be detrimental to the Conservative Party.

Suggesting that encouraging full participation in a democratic election  is somehow clandestine is laughable.

In fact, the more egregious acts are the attempts at voter suppression by Republican and Tea Party politicians in the States, which were thinly veiled attempts to deny the vote to  the urban poor and minorities.

That’s why there was such a backlash against the Harper government’s oxymoronic   ‘Fair Elections Act’, because it restricts or inhibits voting among low income and aboriginal groups .

Consider also the Team Harper attacks against Elections Canada , alleging among other things that Elections Canada shouldn’t be encouraging Canadians to vote in federal elections.

Mandatory voting  supporters have a secret agenda ?  Are you kidding ?

If you want to talk about self serving agendas, it seems that the Harper government and their ‘Fair Elections Act is at the top of that list !



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  1. Having Mandatory voting suggests a dictatorship, complete with KGB agents at your shoulder.. Voting should be promoted and encouraged for sure, but some morons I know – don’t have the brains to vote. Sad, but true.