Horwath promises millions to protect schools

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Horwath promises millions to protect schools

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says if she’s elected on June 12th she’ll help keep aging and under-utilized schools open for community use.

Horwath says that starting in 2016, school boards will be able to apply for money to renovate and re-purpose facilities threatened with closure so that others can take advantage of the space.

She says the program —which will cost $60-million annually— will help protect schools and ensure communities can provide affordable activities evenings and weekends.

The Liberals have not announced an education policy but included $11-billion in their spring budget to build or repair schools.

Tim Hudak’s Tories, meanwhile, have vowed to eliminate 9,700 non-teaching positions, increase class sizes and reduce the number of early childhood educators
in full-day kindergarten classes as part of their effort to balance the budget.



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  1. Larger class sizes will create problems to control the environments of teachings.
    There be less attention paid to students because of the high numbers in the class. The early years are the ones up to grade 12, that adapts students for the later years. Remember that all things are built on basics. And the basics are the hardest concepts to grasp.
    As ones does have the basics down path is easy to build on that concept and further it.
    It is a senseless idea to play with. It can back fire big time on our standing in relations to other countries. Do not side with such as this. The world today is extremely competitive.
    We need to be ready for to be up on all things with out failing on anything.

  2. Sadly, Tim Hudak and his tea party loving Tories do not know the difference between an investment and an expense. And coming from a so-called ‘business-friendly party’ that is truly frightening. It’s a pity that the more moderate John Tory made such a mess of things when he had his chance to lead the party. They may not have won the one election he contested, but they would probably have provided much more thoughtful opposition than what his party is now delivering. Unfortunately, his own foolishness and ineptitude opened a big door very wide, thus saddling us with the tunnel-visioned zealotry that now passes for Ontario’s (so-called) Progressive Conservative Party. At the very least, the word ‘progressive’ should be dropped if only in the name of accuracy and honesty.