Ford’s Intolerant Comments Sound Frighteningly Familiar

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

The  anger  quite  rightly continues about the outrageous comments by Toronto City Councilor Doug Ford about a group home in his Toronto ward.

Ford says the home, called Griffin Centre, has ruined the neighbourhood and he wants the youths who live there moved to a more  ’secure’  facility, in other words, he wants them locked up.

This guy is a Class A  jerk !

Griffin Centre  houses 3-5 youths with mild to moderate developmental or mental health challenges.

They attend school in the area and are supervised by in-house staff in the evenings and at night.

Ford claims that neighbourhood   car break-ins and vandalism are being done by these residents, even though there is no evidence to substantiate those claims , especially since the youths are supervised.

Fords comments and  bias are reprehensible  and clearly reflect his own ignorance of mental health issues.

But, before we cast a self-righteous eye at Ford, were these not the same kinds of comments hurled at the residents of Lynwood/Charlton Hall by residents and even some City Councilors during their  shameful debate about their  re-location to the Corktown area ?

There are two lessons here.

Politicians who pander to voter intolerance   to curry favour  and votes are the political bottom feeders and deserve  no respect.

And sadly,  we’ve seen examples of that kind of intolerance and pandering right here in Hamilton , and that’s nothing to be proud of  !


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