How lucky can you get?

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What are the odds?

For the 3rd time in 4 years, the Cleveland Cavaliers will select 1st in the NBA draft after winning Tuesday night’s lottery.

The Cavs had just a 1.7% chance of getting the 1st overall pick, but much to their surprise and delight, they got it.

The Milwaukee Bucks were the NBA’s worst team in the regular season, but will pick 2nd overall.

Philadelphia, Orlando and Utah round out the top 5.

The Raptors, by the way, don’t pick until 20th.

The Cavs drafted Kyrie Irving 1st overall in 2011, but took underachieving Canadian Anthony Bennett last year.

Will that sway them from taking Canadian phenom Andrew Wiggins on June 26th?

Duke’s Jabari Parker is also a candidate to go #1.

There were some talk on Twitter that the draft was fixed in favour of the Cavaliers.

But if it was fixed, don’t you think the NBA would have wanted the Celtics or Lakers to get the #1 pick instead of #6 and 7 on the draft board?

It wasn’t fixed… it was just pure luck.


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