D- in physical activity?

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Active Healthy Kids has issued its annual report card on the physical activity of our kids, and gave us a D-.

 However, the odd result in the survey showed us with a C to a B when it came to organized sports and community involvement.

 What does that mean?

 It means when it comes to putting our kids in organized sport we’re good but that only accounts for very limited amount of time.

Where we’re failing is the rest of the week.  

 When not playing organized sport they’re veg’ing on the couch and experts say that isn’t good enough.

 It’s not about organized sport for an hour a week it’s about active play time every day.

“A child’s day is so structured that there is no room for free play or walking or biking to school.”

 That means outside playing with kids, just goofing off.

 Maybe if the parents showed this type of commitment to fun and a well-balanced life, the kids would too.

 I’m Scott Thompson.


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  1. I lament the old days and the old ways. If my folks caught us “lollygagging”, they’d quickly invent some chores for us to do…….that way of parenting ensured that we were out on the playing fields as much as possible, and that could be one reason why at the age of 61, I’m trim – still ride a bike and only see a doctor if I’m wounded.