No Wonder Voter Turnout Is Low

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

We’re into the last half of the Provincial election and more than a few of you have asked why the Party leaders aren’t spending any time in Hamilton yet.

The short answer is that politics has become simply a numbers game.

Even though two of the four Party leaders represent ridings in the Hamilton area, this election will be won or lost in the GTA.

Let’s face it, there are only five seats up for grabs here and unless something monumental happens,  two of them namely Hudak’s  and Horwath’s are a done deal.

The GTA has over forty seats up for grabs and that will likely determine who wins and who loses on June 12th.

All of the Parties do the same thing; they spend time and money only in areas where they think they have a shot at winning.

If the PC’s thought they could do well in Northern Ontario, you can bet that Tim Hudak would be taking part in the Northern Ontario debate today, but instead, he has a’ scheduling conflict’ and won’t be there.

It’s the new , strategic way to run a campaign and frankly, I don’t like it.

Politics used to be about connecting with people.

Now, it’s just pre-written  sound bites, mathematical formulae about voting trends and people used as props at photo ops and speeches.

And they wonder why people are losing interest in elections !


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  1. I believe voter turnout is low because of the lack of integrity of all politicians at every level. If they were held to the same same standards as any other product or service, they’d all be in jail. After all a judge rejected a suit brought against the McGinty Liberals, when he ruled that we should not expect politicians to tell the truth.