Teaching youth about the dangers of concussions

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Teaching youth about the dangers of concussions

The Halton District School Board is leading the way in the battle against concussions.

It will be the first school board in Ontario to institute mandated Health and Physical Education curriculum-based concussion education.

It’s designed to teach students the dangers of head injuries that can result in concussions.

The board’s Associate Director, Jeff Blackwell, says the program will give students accurate information about the short-term and long-term effects of concussions.

But more importantly, he says it will allow them to discuss and apply skills needed to keep themselves and others safe and healthy when there is potential that a concussion has occurred.

The program will be launched in September for grade nine students.

It’s been created by Halton District School program and research staff through the help, guidance and expertise of Dr. Paul Echlin, sports physician and renowned expert in concussion research and education.


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