Precedent setting conviction for a local paramedic

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Precedent setting conviction for a local paramedic

For the first time in Ontario’s history a paramedic has been convicted of failing to properly treat a patient.

The case involves Paul Zenchuk, a former Hamilton paramedic, who was convicted after the death of 59 year old Michael Farrance of Hamilton, who was pushed by a police officer in 2011.

Zenchuk pleaded guilty to the charge of failing to treat the man despite a suspected head trauma and back injury.

According to the agreed facts, Zenchuk was called to a home on Balsam Avenue early in the morning on January 29, 2011.

He was alone and in a vehicle not equipped for patient transport.

Dispatch said police were on the scene with an unconscious man who had been drinking.

Farrance was lying on his back on a dark front porch, and there was blood on the wall behind him.

When Zenchuk arrived at the home, he performed some diagnostic tests and confirmed to dispatch that the man urgently needed an ambulance, but did not perform any treatment himself.

The defendant assumed he was sleeping and drunk.

The sentencing hearing is set for June 11.

(Hamilton Spectator)


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