Property owner ejected after city council designates his property

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Property owner ejected after city council designates his property

The battle over a downtown property owner’s apparent plan to demolish the 1930′s home and build a parking lot across the street from St. Joseph’s Hospital has come to a head at City Hall.

Victor Veri was ejected from council chambers after city politicians moved to slap a heritage designation on the home at 1 St. James Place.

Veri disrupted the meeting, shouting “natural justice” is not being served.

The heritage designation has since been ratified during an emergency meeting of the heritage committee on Thursday morning where Veri was given delegation status. He spoke briefly, stating “whatever you’re doing, you’re not doing it correctly”.

A stop work order was recently issued for the home, following the issuing of a demolition permit.

Ancaster’s Lloyd Ferguson notes that they are moving quickly after neighbours noticed that trees and vegetation were starting to disappear from the property. He stresses that the owner is “flippin’ the bird at the community and flippin’ the bird at the city”.

Ward 1 Councillor Jason Farr adds that not only is the home significant — the property is single family residential and not zoned for a parking lot of any kind.


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  1. OK! What is the truth here is it going to be a bigger driveway or a parking lot? A parking lot at that location is a pinch point and would endanger human life by down bound traffic because it is also a blind spot in the middle of a curve in a steep street. (If you have ever driven a car down that access you would know how hard it is to stop on that down grade.) It sure looks like someone is telling a lie when the garage is also coming down.

    • I don’t like city council moving like this in ‘reaction’ to a situation as it smacks of unseemly haste. That said, Councillor Ferguson would appear to be right, Mr. Veri is ‘flipping the bird at the community’ and ‘flipping the bird at the city.’ Therefore, given the hot-button issue that heritage and historic designations has become, why hasn’t city hall commissioned a staff report to check into ALL bylaws around issues about what property owners can and cannot do, especially when it comes to things like parking lot/parking space. All that sort of wording does is give Mr. Veri and those like him the permission they need to ‘slip the bird’ at neighbourhoods, their residents and the city itself.