What are you more scared of, past, present or future?

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Kathleen Wynne is a great conversationalist, except when she has to mislead the public to make a point, like she is now.

Listening to Kathleen Wynne accuse Andrea Horwath or Tim Hudak of lying about their plat form is like listening to your mother trying to convince you the Easter Bunny is real.

 She has spent the last few weeks spreading the doom and gloom scenario of what will happen if you elect any government other than hers.

 She has brought up the tainted water of Walkerton, teachers strikes, doctors shortages, all in an attempt to scare you into thinking the Liberals are the only party who can govern the province.

 It didn’t take long for her to dredge up the Mike Harris years, then attack Andrea Horwath for her accusations of Liberal corruption on the gas plant scandals.

What’s next, another lawsuit to try and shut up the NDP?

 Seems Wynne likes to point out the past except when it involves her McGuinty Liberals who were in power long after the Bob Rae or Mike Harris years.

 The question you have to ask yourself is…

What are you more scared of, Conservative or NDP governments from decades gone by, or the latest Liberal government that followed them and has been in power for over the last decade?

And cost you BILLIONS on cancelled power plants, failed electricity policy, eHealth, Ornge helicopters, no transportation upgrades, while decimating a race horse industry trying to shove casinos on cities that didn’t want them.

 I thought people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…..

 I’m Scott Thompson.


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  1. Just a personal history lesson from Scotty…under Bob Rae, my hours were cut and eventually I was laid off…..then Harris came along and I was re-hired at the same company. Within a year, I had as much overtime as I could work…..under the Liberals, my workload has slowly declined and now that Wynne is at the helm, I’m again at the point of yet another layoff. My great fear, is that people will believe the Liberal lies and vote them in again. By no means are the Tories perfect, but I believe they’re the best chance we’ve got. Whoever gets in, is going to inherit a Province that’s broke and in serious need of repair. Horvath talks a good game (as a sports analyst would) but she’s never played in a game and has been the Liberal’s bed partner time and time again. She cannot be trusted to fix this Province.