Harper Government’s Deplorable Treatment of Canadian Veterans

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

Yesterday, Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino announced that the government will spend an additional $4 million on TV ads during the hockey playoffs to tell everyone what a wonderful job the government is doing looking after veterans.

Canadian veterans and their families are outraged and justifiably so.

They say that the $4 million should be spent helping vets and their families dealing with PTSD and a multitude of other problems, not on self promotion for the government.

That doesn’t seem to jive with the twisted priorities of this government.

Fantino says the commercials  are necessary to clear up misunderstandings about what the government does for vets.

Really ?

I think we’re pretty clear on how the Harper government  treats our Canadian heroes.

They closed down a number of regional V A offices, they’ve  denied benefits to a number of  challenged Canadian soldiers, and they’re currently in the Courts, arguing that the government has no moral responsibility to care for Canadian soldiers who return from war with severe physical and emotional  injuries.

Do we need to remind the Minister of the  staggering number of Canadian veterans who have committed suicide ?

Spending $4 million to pat themselves on the back while Canadian veterans continue to  suffer is a new low for this government !


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  1. The Federal Government recently gave Syria over $ 200,000,000. The Palestines $ 92,000,000 and now another few hundred millions to help women in foreign countries. This is all well & good, but how about taking care of OUR SOLDIERS, who keep so many others safe in foreign lands. These families should be the first priority of our Government, not pushed aside while others benefit from our generosity.

    I find it so disgusting when Remembrance Day comes around & these same politicians GRANDSTAND themselves & go one to comment the Sacrifice these Men & Women have given and yet turn a blind eye to there very specific needs here at home.

    We are an extremely wealthy country, yet for some reason our government is always giving more to foreign countries and not taking care of their own.

    I may have some of the dollar figures wrong, but I am not very far off.


  2. I am very peed off with Harper….I expected much more from him. For over thirty years, I’ve gone to the Cenotaph – rain or shine to stand for these people who do a job that most of us are too chicken (myself included) to do. And to think of the welcome they get from our Government when they come back – with no arms or legs – no testicles – shrapnel wounds – and most of all – the mental trauma of seeing what they saw – I get so damn’ angry. All I can do is not vote, and be kind to every soldier I meet, but how does that help the Vets ? And to Roy – who cares if your dollar figures are inaccurate ? Your comments are bang on the penny.