Crowd funding campaign launched for Hamilton gateway sign

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Crowd funding campaign launched for Hamilton gateway sign

With city councillors wary about the cost of a gateway sign welcoming visitors to Hamilton, some community members have decided to take matters into their own hands.

A crowd funding campaign has been started in order to help pay for a $230,000 sign.

Public Relations consultant Laura Babcock is teaming up with city manager Chris Murray, inviting businesses and residents willing to contribute $1,000 or more to give to the Welcome to Hamilton partner program.

There is a second local site run by online marketing strategist Jim Rudnick, who is hosting a crowd-sourcing campaign for residents to donate smaller amounts.

Councillors who are nervous about footing the 230 thousand dollar bill are looking to find ways to reduce the cost, including tweaking the design.

Ward 9 Councillor Brad Clark has said there are four spots in the city that need gateway signs, and at a cost of 230 thousand dollars a pop, that makes it a million-dollar expenditure.

People can donate to the campaign at the not-for-profit site or the Welcome to Hamilton Partner program through city manager Chris Murray or Laura Babcock.
(CBC Hamilton)


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