Hamilton Mountain PC candidate makes $10, 000 pledge

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Hamilton Mountain PC candidate makes $10, 000 pledge

Albert Marshall says he’s an average Hamiltonian like everyone else and is frustrated by the lack of promises fulfilled by politicians at Queen’s Park.

That’s why the PC candidate for Hamilton Mountain has pledged to donate 10 thousand dollars of his MPP salary every year until he can deliver to the people of Hamilton who have been as he says, hit the hardest by the Liberals.

Marshall says for one thing, he wants to see good paying jobs brought into the community.

He says through his canvassing he’s heard stories from all kinds of people who just can’t make ends meet like seniors, single mothers and business owners, all thanks to high hydro bills and low paying jobs.

Marshall says he will know he’s fulfilled his commitment when you can feel a palpable difference when you talk to local residents and business owners.


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