Discrepencies crop up as inquest finishes first week

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Discrepencies crop up as inquest finishes first week

A representative from the SIU is on the stand to conclude week one of an inquest into the circumstances surrounding the death of a 45 year old Hamilton man.

The special investigation’s unit has ruled that there are no grounds for criminal charges against the two police officers who shot and killed Steve Mesic, but his family has complained about the investigation.

One point raised by their lawyers is that the SIU didn’t have the notes of the two officers until they were interviewed, two and three weeks after the confrontation outside of Mesic’s mountain townhouse. They also didn’t know, until that time, about the unanchored fence that has been central to the case.

The inquest also heard Friday from two residents of nearby homes who heard yelling prior to gunshots last June.7th.

One of them is a teenage girl who told the court that she heard two men arguing, one of whom sounded like Mesic. That differs from the statement she gave back in February, the audio of which has been played in court, when she talked of hearing one man yelling and said it was not Mesic.

Another neighbour also testfied that she heard two men yelling, one of whom was Mesic, but neither witness heard loud “banging” sounds which are what the two officers have said drew them to the rear of the townhouse. In fact, the SIU witness says he found no witnesses to corroborate the “banging” noise.

The inquest will resume on Monday.


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