Lobbyist Silliness

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

So just how far are we going to carry this ridiculous discussion about a lobbyist registry in Hamilton ?
The latest chapter in this silliness is the notion that those citizens who’d like to see the Police Chief retained should be registered as lobbyists.
Does this mean that the group who pushed for bike lanes on Cannon should be registered ?
What about the citizen who calls his Councilor demanding better snow clearing.. should that person be registered too ?
Because contrary to what people say, you don’t have to be wealthy to hold sway over politicians.
I witnessed one Councilor change his vote because three people threatened to take down the Councilor’s election signs from their lawns.
By the way, none of the proponents of the lobbyist registry have acknowledged the most flagrant kind of lobbying that goes on at City Hall, namely the vote trading and lobbying between Councilors behind closed
So, we’ve hired an Integrity Commissioner because we’re worried about Councilors adhering to their code of conduct and now we want to expose those who may try to influence Council decisions because our
Councilors may not be able to resist the pressure.
If our Councilors are so susceptible to the pressures that every elected official faces, maybe we should be having a discussion about the quality of the people we elect to City Hall.


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