‘None of the above’ is a waste of what vets fought for

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There seems to be a movement making some noise that is encouraging you to ‘decline your vote’ in the provincial election.

Basically what that means is they want you to show up at the polls, but if so inclined, when you don’t see anything you like simply hand it back blank in protest.

Another organization is actually taking the government to court to get ‘none of the above’ put on the ballot.

To me this is the most useless action you can take.

When I asked a supporter what the point was they said it will send a message people have had enough and don’t like any candidates.

Okay, but then what?  Will it actually change anything or just make YOU feel better?

Do you not think any political party who introduces a candidate does so to win?

Do you think political parties don’t already know most Canadians are cynical about politics?  We see that with low voter turnout.

This is like a spoiled brat kid who dosnel; t like his lunch and is demanding his mother make something better.

If you don’t like lunch get in the kitchen and make it yourself.

Loosely translated that means if you really don’t like what you see, get involved in the political process and have a say over policy and leadership.

You are being asked to make a decision out of the choices offered.

The last thing we need is another excuse for the voting public NOT to be engaged.

‘None of the above’ does not provide a better option.  

It provides, well, nothing.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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  1. A huge AMEN to your blog, Scott. I suppose I could consider my vote wasted here in the North End, because I do not vote NDP – either Federal or Provincial; but I vote just the same. Anyone who declines their ballot has no right to complain about the Gov’t they end up with. Lazy, that’s all they are.