Let’s Find This Guy !!

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

It’s things like this that  destroy our faith in humanity.

The guy who stole $11,000 from a Ride To Beat Cancer fundraiser is truly one of society’s bottom feeders.

It happened this past Saturday at the Sheraton in downtown Hamilton.

Pictures from the closed circuit camera have been circulated, we’ve posted them on the CHML website.

People who are battling cancer or who lost loved ones to cancer donated that money to find a cure for that insidious disease , but that didn’t seem to matter to this guy.

I know that  government support for the needy is woefully inadequate , but we’ve progressed past the point of Jean Valjean stealing to feed a  feeble family member.

This is theft, pure and simple.

It makes you wonder what goes through the mind of someone who would steal money for things like Tim Horton’s Camp Day or, in this case, money for cancer treatment , but we hear about this kind of stuff all too often.

Maybe this guy will be riddled with guilt and return the money.

Or, somebody who  knows this low life  and has a conscience will come forward.

Because he’s gotta   know that he’s going to get caught; people like this always get caught eventually.

It’s time for someone to step up ; let’s find this guy and   return the money to where it can do the most good.



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