Election Day..Now Comes The Hard Part

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It’s called ‘ getting out the vote’ and it’s what all the political parties are doing today in Ontario.

For the last six weeks ( I know, it felt like six years ) they’ve been knocking on our doors and phoning us and delivering those campaign flyers that we love so much, all in the hopes of winning our support.

If you told them you’d support their candidate, you’re an ‘identified voter’ so today they will call you or knock on your door again  and even offer you a ride to the polling station to make sure that you vote.

It’s a huge part of the campaign process.

Only about 50% of  eligible voters actually cast a ballot, which means that  getting out the identified voters for your candidate is Job One today.

Of course, it’s also a day for political dirty tricks ; like the London PC candidate who sent out  incorrect information about polling locations .

It just happened that all of those incorrect info cards were delivered to identified Liberal households… what a co-incidence !

Anyway, we have some pretty clear choices in today’s election.

It’s our future and it’s our money that they spend.

Our CHML election coverage begins at 7 tonight with reporters in all the area ridings and lots of  in depth analysis from our Election Night Panel.

But before  join us, do your part and get out and vote.



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  1. I just went on the website http://www.wemakevotingeasy.ca to double check for my voting station…NOPE, I cannot enter my address!!!
    Thinking it is just me, I look for my daughter’s location, the ADVANCE polling stations are all listed with the DATES…not one shows today’s date!
    I phone the number on the website and ask…YES, The Waterdown Legion is OPEN today *one of the advanced locations listed without today’s date*
    Why would the “OFFICIAL WEBSITE” fail to show which Stations are open today?
    Last election my daughter and son in law could not vote…They went to where they thought they should vote, waited in line for over an hour, found out they were in the wrong location and by the time they left it was too late to vote!
    How many people will end up saying FORGET IT…TOO MANY HEADACHES!