Didn’t See That Coming !

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

Nobody saw that coming !

The pollsters, the pundits and even the most ardent political advocates  were all caught off guard by the stunning Liberal victory in yesterday’s  election.

Most polls said it was too close to call, although a couple of ambitious observers suggested a Liberal minority government  was possible.

What we got instead was a massive rejection of  Tim Hudak’s  shoddy math and a rejection of the politics of negativity that permeated this campaign.

It was an election that bombarded voters will personal attacks and innuendo, where many of the right wing media types  became unabashed cheerleaders for Hudak and his plan.

But, at the end of the day, the message from voters was loud and clear; ‘we’re not buying the negativity, and we’re not buying YOU !’

It was  obvious that the Opposition  Parties had no intention of trying to make a minority government work, so voters handed the keys to government to the Party they felt had the best plan.

Time will tell how these election results will impact on cities like Hamilton and Burlington with their  infrastructure and transit needs but one thing is clear.

Voters sent a strong message yesterday to all MPP’s; stop the finger pointing, stop the mudslinging, just shut up and get to work.

Let’s see  if the  politicians are  listening.


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