De Caire stays on as chief (audio)

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De Caire stays on as chief (audio)

Hamilton Police Glenn De Caire has been given a two year contract extension.

The move comes after De Caire asked for his retirement notice to be rescinded.

Last September he told the Police Services Board he would step down at the end of 2014 but last week he changed his mind.

De Caire says he is “very proud to remain as the Chief of Police and continue the work of the team” He adds that a number spoke to him “What they wanted is for me to continue my work as a part of this team and I am proud to do so.”

Front and centre of the push to retain the Chief were a couple wealthy Hamiltonians that includes Charles Juravinski.

Board Chair Lloyd Ferguson says some think this decision was made by the high rollers but that is not the case “that is in my view a misconception that this was the caviar club that did the lobbying. I get contacted regularly from the community.” He note his decision come down to one thing “I really thought it was the right thing to do for public safety.”

Chad Collins says many people are questioning “is this a decision that was consciously made by the board or is this a decision that was concocted on the golf course over a couple beers?”

Councillor and Board member Terry Whitehead says the decision raised some questions with at least one office he spoke to “knowing the police has a policy that anyone resigns there is no coming back. Does this mean the Chief will be obligated to extend the same opportunities to all members of the association.”

The board will now focus on hiring a new deputy chief after Ken Leendertse announced his retirement.


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  1. What is important? That we have a love of some one more for us then for him self. That is the Chief, DeCaire, who put him self into the level of Jesus, who is with out ego and who have our city and all of us in his heart. Thank you for your humility and forgiveness for the wrong was done to you.