Happy Father’s Day Dad!

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Being a father has many rewards.

 There is no greater thrill in life then watching someone you have produced and nurtured, grow and reach their full potential.

It’s a never ending task that sometime comes with little recognition and lots of aggravation.

 You have to be a role model, strong leader, teacher, supporter,  provider, disciplinary, coach,  confidant, driver ,hero, and I’m sure I have left out many other important duties.

Including sometimes being a mother.

 Most importantly you have to be there for them 24/7 and provide the comfort and security for them to flourish and become contributing members of society, who will in turn, do the same for the next generation.

 But in the end you have to get used to being last on the list ….as there are many other important issue that need tending to before you.

 Father’s Day is the day when you get rewarded with the love and attention that sometimes gets lost in everyday life.

But that’s okay because most Dads wouldn’t have it any other way.

 Is there anything better than Father’s Day..?

Other than of course…Mother’s Day.

 Great work Dad’s!

 I’m Scott Thompson.


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