Opposition Parties Have Some Soul Searching To Do

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

As the dust settles after last week’s election, the Opposition Parties have some serious evaluation  ahead.

Despite the spin the NDP are putting on the results, that they’re glad they increased their vote total marginally, they ended up with the same number of seats as before the election and more importantly, they are now the Third Party in a majority government, so they’ve lost what influence they might have had on government policy.

A lot of NDPers are concerned about the direction that Andrea Horwath is taking the Party and concerned that after six weeks and millions of dollars spent on an election, they’re really no better off than before.

Things are even more complicated for the Ontario PC’s.

They lost nine seats to the Liberals and Tim Hudak  is stepping down as Leader.

Much has been said about Hudak’s leadership, but the PC’s have a bigger problem.

Their platform for this election was the Second Coming of the Common Sense Revolution and voters soundly rejected it.

But before Hudak, John Tory tried a more moderate conservative approach and he too was kicked to the curb by Ontario voters.

The numbers show that the  core support for the Ontario Conservatives  seems to be  senior, white male and rural voters and that is certainly not the demographic future of Ontario.

Picking a new leader may be difficult for the PC’s; picking a new , more appealing identity for the Party may be a lot tougher.


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