Randle Reefer Madness

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

It was distressing, to say the least , to hear that the clean up of Randle Reef  may have to be delayed for at least another year.

Randle Reef, in case you didn’t know , is the second worst toxic hot spot in Canada and it’s right here in Hamilton Harbour.

The frustration with cleaning up Randle Reef has always been convincing  all the affected parties to pony up the money to remediate the area.

We spent way too much time trying to figure out how to fix it and way too much time bringing everyone to the table with their cheque books.

Now we’re told that the cost estimates for the first part of the work are way over budget, which leaves us with that ‘ here we go again’ feeling.

This was supposed to be the  least expensive way to clean up this  environmental  blight on our community.

It took years to get the Federal government, Provincial government, the Cities of Hamilton and Burlington , the Port Authority and private industry to kick in money to fix the problem.

Negotiating   for more money from all of them is only going to delay the clean up for who knows how long !

Hamilton taxpayers can’t afford to shoulder this cost.

It’s absolute  Randle Reefer Madness  that we have to go cap in hand and  beg the Feds and the Province for the right to clean air and clean water for our community.



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