Forget the Steel City, Welcome to Hemp City!

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

When the new ‘Welcome to Hamilton’ sign finally arrives on the outskirts of town, will it read, “Welcome to Hamilton, where pot is the new steel!”?

If the medical marijuana industry takes off like some think it will, it may very well be.

 Health Canada is getting ready to award selected private companies the honour of growing the government’s bud, now that they have announced they don’t want you growing your own.

Of course, there is no money in that for them.

 This means big tax dollars for Hamilton who has seen a few growers interested in the old industrial core buildings.

Wednesday council will vote to rezone the area, medical pot can only be grown in agricultural approved areas.

 Lots are betting the farm on this thinking if it is eventually legalized, and sold to the public; this will be the method of production and distribution, very similar to the Beer Store or LCBO.

If that happens Hamilton could be a great position to strike gold.

 Security officials say industrial areas are better than remote rural locations and pose no threat to surrounding neighbourhoods, noting there are factories in the area that produce way more lethal drugs.

 So forget the Steel City, think more along the lines of, Hemp City!

 I’m Scott Thompson.


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