Minister Of Chauvinism ?

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Out of touch and chauvinistic  are just some  of the words being used to describe Justice Minister Peter MacKay’s  latest gaffe.

MacKay was addressing a group of lawyers and , when asked why there weren’t more women getting judicial appointments, he suggested that  female lawyers are too busy staying at home and bonding with their kids.

The Justice Minister’s comments drew an immediate response on social media, with calls for the Minister to apologize for Victorian era characterization of women in law, but MacKay didn’t apologize.

Instead, he re-affirmed his feeling that female lawyers preferred to stay at home with their kids rather than pursue a career on the Bench.

I suppose the Justice Minister  is unaware that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Beverly MacLauchlin , is one of the most respected jurists in the world.

Likewise, Louise Arbor has served the Canadian and International Courts with prudence and wisdom .

Of course, there are some lawyers, both male and female who choose to stay home with their kids.

But what MacKay doesn’t acknowledge is that, for women who do want to pursue a judicial appointment , there is still a glass ceiling that is very difficult to crack.

Maybe instead of re-enforcing an outdated and chauvinistic  stereotype, the Minister might want to address the injustice in the justice system.


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