Christopherson’s Political Grandstanding

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

I’m not sure what woke David Christopherson from his slumber on the Opposition side of the House of Commons last week.

Aside from the odd grumbling about U.S Steel,we hardly ever hear from The Hamilton Centre MP, or the other two NDP MP’s from this area who are supposedly looking after Hamilton’s best interest in Ottawa.

But, late last week, Christopherson rose in the House and complained that he wasn’t kept in the loop about the confidential details surrounding the delay in the Randle Reef clean up.

Maybe it’s because bids on contracts are always kept confidential, something that a long time politician like Christopherson should know.

Or, maybe it’s because Christopherson has shown little to no interest on this file  or  any of the issues important to Hamilton.

The Randle Reef clean up is a priority for Hamilton, but sources tell me that Christopherson has had virtually no dialogue with City Hall or the Federal government about the file.

Yet, there he was , indignantly demanding answers , creating the illusion that he’s fighting for Hamilton.

When Hamilton needed help, he gave us hyperbole.

In the meantime, Hamilton’s Mayor has had talks  with government MP’s David Sweet and Mike Wallace, both of whom  championed the Randle Reef funding from Ottawa, to see what can be done to get the project completed.

I guess some people know how to grandstand, and others know how to be champions for their community.


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  1. Christopherson is as useless as the absentee landlords along Barton St. He has done NOTHING here in the North End that I can remember. A total waste of the wages we pay him.