Quebec jail breakers caught

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We heard over the weekend the three bad guys involved in that daring Quebec prison escape have been recaptured.

They temporarily experienced freedom after a helicopter touched down within the facilities walls in a daring maneuver only seen in the movies, or Quebec.

 We learned that the day before the break out a judge had ordered an easing of restrictions on the prisoners, removing their shackles when outside their cells the day before their escape, allowing them to run to the helicopter.

Apparently the judge was rewarding their good behaviour despite the trio’s charges of gangsterism and murder.

 Even police warned them they had suspicion of a break out.

Detention centre guards could only watch as they are not armed.

 This, again, raises the question of how we seem to give more rights to prisoners than we do the public.

 Either these conditions are not strict enough or the corruption in the province is worse than we thought.

 I’m Scott Thompson.


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