City council debating ban on bee killing pesticides

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News
City council debating ban on bee killing pesticides

The decline of bee populations is before Hamilton City Council at a meeting this evening.

Politicians will be debating a motion that would urge a ban on the use of neo-nicotinoids and neonics which are causing the mass deaths of bees and butterflies, which are vital for the pollination of most crops.

In advance of that debate —- a panel of 50 scientists is already calling on Canadian regulatory bodies to tighten regulations on the use of the two common pesticides, with an eventual goal of phasing out their use entirely.

The Task Force on Systemic Pesticides says they also pose a significant risk to earthworms and birds and are harming the planet’s ecosystem.


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  1. Neo-nicotinoid use is deadly to bees, and I’m glad city council is addressing this issue. However, neo-nicotinoids are applied to treated seeds. The neo-nicotinoid is absorbed by the plant as it grows and shows up in the pollen, thereby killing the bees. What we need is to go after the Ontario provincial government which has allowed such companies as Bayer to continue producing these treated seeds for food crops. There is a great deal of information abut this issue in Ontario. Here’s an example from Global’s 16×9 –