Welcome to the golden age of Canadian hoops

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

The sport of basketball was invented by Canadian James Naismith in 1891.

And tonight, the golden era of Canadian basketball begins in earnest.

You’re probably saying, Rick, what about Steve Nash, Rick Fox, Jamaal Magloire, Leo Rautins and Bill Wennington?

Nash is the best Canadian hoopster ever, and may never be bumped off that pedestal.

But the drop off from Nash to the next Canuck baller is enormous.

But in tonight’s NBA Draft, a record eight Canadians could be selected, including Kansas standout Andrew Wiggins, who I think will be selected #1 overall.

Syracuse’s Tyler Ennis and Michigan’s Nik Stauskas will go in the first round, and all 3 could be among the top 20 picks.

Nash and company set the table, and now the fruits of their labour are about to burst.

Canada could unseat France next season for having the most NBA players among non-U.S. countries.

More and more Canadian kids are picking up a basketball these days, dreaming of one day being the next Steve Nash, Bob Houbregs or Andrew Wiggins.


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