Big shakeup at the HSR

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Big shakeup at the HSR

Big changes are coming to the HSR in the wake of sexual harassment allegations.

City Manager Chris Murray says there will be a new HSR Director.

That means the city’s Transportation head Don Hull will no longer have oversight of the transit system, but will continue to manage the city’s wider transportation plans including the Rapid Ready project.

Hamilton will also be filling an existing, but unspecified senior management job within the HSR administration.

Murray says more disciplinary action is pending in the wake of the arbitrator’s finding last fall that HSR Supervisor Bill Richardson sexually harassed a female employee.

This also follows a published report Wednesday in which several female drivers described the work environment as toxic because they have endured sexist jokes, profane insults and inappropriate touching.

(Hamilton Spectator)



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  1. Supervisor Bill Richardson wasn’t doing his job and now this, yes I say it is time to replace him with someone that will make sure no one gets hurt when ridding the bus. This harassment of female drivers probably didn’t make is any better.