CityHousing blitz of neglected homes complete

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CityHousing blitz of neglected homes complete

An inspection blitz by CityHousing Hamilton is now complete.

The review of 300 homes was prompted by a procedural loophole that was exposed when a 3 year old boy was removed from a home by the CAS that was deemed unfit for humans.

City inspectors neglected to enter the two storey home near Parkdale and Melvin for nearly two years, but finally did so after neighbours complained earlier this month.

The boy was found with flea bites all over his body, among dead animals, urine and feces.  All but 3 dogs of 19 animals found in the home had to be euthanized.

Since then, a new three-step processes has been developed and implemented to process homes that inspectors don’t enter so they’re not neglected in the future.

Under the old rules, they wouldn’t enter if residents asked them not to, or if there was a dog in the home.

(CBC Hamilton)


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