Really Andrea ?

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

It seems that NDP Leader Andrea Horwath just doesn’t get it.

Almost two weeks after the Provincial election, which saw the NDP end up as the Third Party in a Liberal majority government, Horwath finally made herself available to the media.

She denied a far-fetched rumour that she was stepping down to run for Mayor here in Hamilton.

Then, the NDP leader offered a rather subjective analysis of the election, essentially blaming voters for succombing to fear tactics as they gave the governing Liberals a majority.

In her rather tilted appraisal, she failed to face the  cold, hard reality that the NDP, by all accounts, ran a lousy campaign.

She alienated a large segment of traditional NDP support when she forced the election in the first place.

And for those voters who  were wary of  the Hudak policies, what did the NDP offer as an alternative ?

Not much really.

Their platform was generally regarded as shallow and unrealistic and judging from the election results, Ontario voters felt the same way.

Maybe Ms. Horwath’s comments were just  false bravado in front of the media; but blaming voters for being  scared and intimidated is an insult to Ontario voters.

When things don’t go well in an election, the ‘easy’ thing to do is find  blame with  everything and  everyone else , when maybe  what they should do is look in the mirror.




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  1. @TheBaldasaro – Really Andrea?

    The NDP have been a lame duck ever since they decided to change the name from CCF, The Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation.

    R.I.P Tommy Douglas and thank you for all you and your Party accomplished!

    Be well and prosper, Bless us all!

  2. Even if the NDP actually looked in the mirror – all they would find would be all the outmoded slogans that were popular in the Sixties. “Blame the Evil Rich” for all our woes….well it’s the rich who work longer hours, take the chances and provide the Companies that keep peons like me employed – fed – bills paid as well as the mighty taxes. I don’t blame the rich. I blame myself for not staying in school longer.