McMaster draws a line in the stand

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McMaster draws a line in the stand

Some tough talk from McMaster University.

It’s telling it’s cleaning and maintenance staff to accept a new contract or lose their jobs.

The Spectator says the University has sent letters to the 271 employees saying it has been negotiating with their union for seven months and has run out of patience.

It’s suggesting that if the latest offer isn’t accepted – McMaster will contract the work out to private companies.

Geoff Tierney, McMaster’s director of labour relations says it’s not the preferred course of action.

But he says they have been clear all along that such a step would only occur if they couldn’t arrive at a fair and equitable deal through the bargaining process.

The president of the Building Union of Canada is accusing the university of trying to scare a group of women, immigrants and single mothers.

(Hamilton Spectator)


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