Peter MacKay’s Really Bad Week

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Justice Minister  Peter MacKay apparently  has a chronic case of  foot- in-mouth disease.

MacKay’s latest gaffe was the revelation of  e mails sent to his staff  on Mothers Day and Fathers Day that were steeped in sexist and  demeaning  depictions of women.

Instead of apologizing  for the content of the messages, MacKay has chosen to throw one of his staff under the  bus, claiming that she was totally responsible for the e mails.

What a classless move by a key Federal Minister.

This comes on the heels of his earlier comments that the  low number of  women lawyers who get  judicial appointments is because  women lawyers are busy at home raising their kids.

Of course, the government’s spin doctors immediately released statistics of  women who  have been appointed to bureaucratic positions, proving that the government really does respect  women , in spite of  the  offside comments from the Justice  Minister.

One good thing that may have come out of  all of this is a much needed discussion about  how judicial appointments are made, and the Justice Minister has said that he’s already taken steps to  make it a more fair and transparent process.

Mind you, since the most recent judicial appointment to the Quebec Court is a lawyer who just happened to contribute over $5,000 to the Federal Conservative  Party,  I don’t hold much hope that things well get better any time soon.



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    • WES, you’re conflating two things. The article refers to the “demeaning depictions of women” in regards to Mackay’s email to the staff in the Department of Justice, not to his comments about the lack of female judges due to women lawyers staying home to raise children. The details of his email to the Department of Justice staff for Mother’s Day (which include both male and female lawyers) which wasn’t quoted in the article, but can be found by googling, basically say that women in the Department of Justice should be congratulated for changing diapers and running family errands. His email on Father’s day to the DOJ staff said nothing about family duties, but said that they are shaping those fathers are shaping future leaders.

      Nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom, but for the women lawyers that received that email from Mackay stating they should aspire to changing diapers, while their male colleagues got an email stating they are shaping future leaders…well, that’s a bit demeaning to the female lawyers, don’t ya think? Why can’t the female lawyers also be thought of shaping future leaders, and the male lawyers be congratulated for doing household work as well?

      I’m not even gonna touch his comment about the lack of female Judges due to the fact that women need to take care of their kids…that’s great and all for those women that chose to do the admirable job of staying home and taking care of their children. But what about those women that become lawyers and work for the Department of Justice? When their Minister basically says not to expect to become Judges as they should be focused on raising their children. That’s not really a great message either.