Sex and soccer

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How’s your sex, with the World Cup, coming along?

Better, worse, or irrelevant?

A condom company is cashing in on the fever.

 They say, according to a recent study commissioned by condom giants Durex, a shocking 40% of men said that they would turn down sex in order to watch soccer.

Although the recent biting may have changed this.

 The top excuses provided by men included ‘I’ve got a bad back’ or ‘I’m too tired’, with ‘I’ve got a headache’ and ‘I’ve been working late’ rounding out the top five.

  As a spokesperson for Durex explains, “There is a well-worn stereotype of women making excuses to avoid sex but it seems that when the football is on, the tables are turned.”

  The study also revealed that over one quarter of men have thought about soccer while being intimate with their partner.

Really? Are they watching mixed soccer?

 And a whopping 42% admit to wanting to get sex over with quickly, so that they can get back to watching the game.  However many have also said that about pizza.

 It gets better… More than a third (37%) say they would accept their partner’s offer of sex – if they could still have the TV on to keep an eye on the pitch-side action at the same time.

 I can see that. GOOOOOOAAAL!!!!

Followed by a smoke, sandwich and cuddle.

 I’m Scott Thompson.


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