Time For A Revised Transit Plan

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

It’s becoming more and more clear that Hamilton’s dream of getting LRT funding any time soon is as realistic as my dream of  being awarded the grand prize cheque from the Lotto 649 folks.

Municipal Affairs Minister Ted McMeekin told us on The Bill Kelly Show last week that Hamilton is not on the list for this round of funding; that dispels the notion that some people have that Hamilton is ‘next on the list’.

What we need here is a reality check.

Forget about what a previous Premier may have promised; that guy’s not there anymore and the current Premier has made it clear that she’s not beholding to any of the  policies of her predecessor .

And it’s time that Hamilton City Council  recognized that times have changed and they need to change too.

Go ahead and meet with the new Transportation Minister, but instead of  asking for LRT money that  won’t be coming any time soon, ask for money for buses, lots more buses.

That doesn’t mean we don’t  want LRT money.

It means that until that money is available, which could be years from now, we’re going to build up public transit so that when the next round of funding comes up , Hamilton would be an obvious choice .

It’s time to  abandon the political grandstanding and work with this Provincial government to get the best deal for Hamilton.


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