Paul Bernardo getting married?

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Paul Bernardo getting married?

Despite being declared a dangerous offender, school girl killer Paul Bernardo may be getting married.

A 30 year old university educated woman has admitted she’s been writing letters to the convicted serial killer and rapist.

The Toronto Sun has not identified the woman, but says she’s been telling her friends that she believes Bernardo is innocent, and was more of a bystander in the slayings of Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy.

She is reported to have purchased wedding bands, but admits to rethinking the idea and is struggling with it.

The family is hoping that, after a lengthy conversation, she will abandon the plan.

The 50 year old Bernardo is serving a life sentence for the two first-degree murders and was also declared a dangerous offender after pleading guilty to 32 sex-related crimes, including 12 rapes in the east end of Toronto in the 80′s.

Bernardo is eligible for day parole in 2015, and full parole in 2018, but, due to his notoriety,
that isn’t likely to happen.

As a dangerous offender, Bernardo has no entitlement to statutory release.

(Toronto Sun)


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  1. This is becoming all too common. Intelligence overridden by affairs of the heart. “pleading guilty to 32 sex-related crimes, including 12 rapes in the east end of Toronto in the 80′s.” Is this not a strong enough clue for this woman? Please, please move on young lady before you become another emotional victim of this “evil.”

  2. Go take a vacation in some place and return to your home a changed person.
    Invest your knowledge for something worthwhile, something enlightening.
    I think it is good to have educations, but having wisdom and common sense is the first step to a good life.